Private Voice Lessons

Currently I am to teaching lessons online, via Zoom. Some of my long time (pre-Covid) students have told me that they now prefer the virtual format! One big advantage is that we can have Zoom record the lesson, and this can help you practice. Have a look at the video below for a short sample of a beginner Zoom lesson.

Voice Lessons on Zoom – How Support Improves Your Singing

Yes, you can learn a lot about singing in a Zoom lesson! In this lesson we show one way to access support and then apply it to improve your singing.

I teach all styles of singing and all levels of singers, from beginner to advanced, and all voices Рfemale, male and transgender. I learn so much from my clients and I find great joy in helping them to achieve their goals. Contact me with any questions about how I can help you achieve your ideal singing or speaking voice! I am happy to chat with you via email or phone, or we can arrange a free 20 minute zoom consultation to talk about your goals and you can get a sample of how we would work together. I currently teach in-person and group lessons in Tiburon. Private lesson prices range from $60-90 per hour, with discount packages to encourage you to train regularly and improve quickly!

In addition to teaching singing and healthy speech technique for all, I regularly help clients with Parkinson’s strengthen their speaking voices. I offer private lessons and group classes for Parkinson’s clients, please contact me for more information.