Private Voice Lessons

I teach all styles of singing (folk, rock, metal, opera, classical, r&b, jazz, singer-songwriter, and more!). I delight in teaching all levels of singers, from beginner to advanced and all voices – female, male and transgender. I learn so much from my clients and I find great joy in helping them to achieve their goals.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions about how voice lessons can help you personally with your singing or speech.

You can schedule a one hour in-person lesson with me in Tiburon or Berkeley. One hour lessons are $90. I offer discount packages to encourage students to train regularly and improve quickly!

You can also choose to schedule a free 20 minute introductory lesson by Skype or Facetime. We can talk about your goals and you can get a sample of how we would work together.

In addition to teaching singing and healthy speech technique for all, I regularly help clients with Parkinson’s strengthen their speaking voices. I offer private lessons and group classes for Parkinson’s clients, please contact me for more information.